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Sid’s Pubs are neighbourhood British pubs serving up good, hearty British pub grub and fresh, cold drink in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. No nonsense, no pretensions and no gimmicks. Deliberately small and intimate, Sid’s Pubs are dotted around a variety of neighbourhoods, the idea being to provide a convivial feeding and watering hole close to home for residents of the area. Community is a word we feel strongly about and we believe it’s important to be part of it, and to give back to it. To this end we also do our best to get stuck into as many community projects as possible.

The first Sid’s Pub opened in 2007, others following suit in close succession. The man behind the Sid’s Pubs group is Sid, also known as Geoff Siddle — and Dad. A straight-up, no-nonsense man himself, he has the uncanny ability to create outlets that quickly fill up with happy, friendly people having a great time together. The Sid’s Pubs family is his special baby; driven by passion and brought about after years of thought and planning.