Date : Wednesday, 17th March 2010
St. Paddy’s Day
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Date : Thursday 5 November 2009
The Lighthouse Club gathering
Date : Thursday 12 November 2009
Photography Book Launch and Photography Exhibition “Close-Up – The Venice Carnival” by Foong Lian Fey
Date : 2 November 2009 – 1 December 2009
Photography Exhibition “Close-Up – The Venice Carnival” by Foong Lian Fey
Date : 11th July 2010
Sid’s Pub, Bukit Tunku will be having a fund raising party to raise money for the SPCA to help them build their new “Eco SPCA Animal Shelter”.

50% of the collection from food & drinks in the tents will be donated to SPCA from Sid’s Pubs.

The SPCA will also be offering their “Buy a Brick” promotion.

There will also be opportunities for everyone (including/especially companies) to sponsor kennels & catteries at the new shelter.

Please come down with your family & friends for a fun afternoon in the marquees on the lawn outside Sid’s Pub, Bukit Tunku from 1.00pm until 5.00pm.

There’ll be Tiger beer & Guinness draught at RM10/glass, soft drinks at RM5 plus yummy burgers & hot dogs from Rawlins Traditional Butchers at RM10 a go (remember that 50% of all purchases goes to SPCA don’t don’t have breakfast that day, save tummy space for the party).

If you aren’t able to make it but would like to contribute please get hold of me personally and I will assist you as best as possible.

Please help spread the word for this really worthwhile event.

Another “Sid in the Community” project.